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        AUTOLAND SCIENTECH is vigorously advancing in the international marketplace, and our present endeavors are remarkable in light of our company's history. After fourteen years of hard work and commitment to excellence, Autoland Scientech has evolved into one of the world's leading producers of automotive diagnostic tools. Since its inception, Autoland Scientech has emerged as a prominent player in markets across the globe and its reputation has brought together an international sales force of over thirty of the world's most selective automotive distributors. As a result our diagnostic equipment can be found on every continent on earth, and our products are rapidly permeating new markets to bring technicians and mechanics the latest in automotive diagnostics at highly competitive prices
        In 1999 Autoland Scientech made its claim to fame with the celebrated OB91 base unit (marketed as the CS 1000 by Baum Tools Inc.) An innovative full-featured automotive scanner that provided technicians with dealer-level diagnostics on fine European and Japanese import automobiles, the OB91 was selected as Motor Magazine's Top 20 Tools in that year .
        Over time, our product line has evolved to offer premium diagnostic scanners that are custom-tailored to the needs of both sophisticated automotive technicians and general auto shop mechanics. On the professional dealer-level, Autoland Scientech has developed the legendary D91 iScan, the tool-of-choice for leading import repair shops throughout the world. On the general auto shop level, Autoland Scientech has developed the D51 VScan, and has also recently debuted the innovative shop-level VeDiS diagnostic system.
In addition to aftermarket automotive diagnostics, Autoland Scientech also specializes as a manufacturer of ODM diagnostic equipment for companies such as Honda Taiwan Co., Ltd. and Kwang Yang Motor Co., Ltd. (Kymco). Currently Autoland Scientech is in the process of establishing new ODM relationships within and without the automotive aftermarket industry.

         These diverse product lines and impressive ODM business ventures are only sustainable with the help of our world-class research and development teams. And with the help of our recently-established R&D team in Japan, Autoland Scientech has seen tremendous breakthroughs in quality and innovation. This solid technological foundation enables our talented engineers and our worldwide staff in Japan, Taiwan and the United States to permeate the automotive aftermarket with diagnostic scanners of unprecedented quality and functionality.

        We at Autoland Scientech would like to express our gratitude to all those who have uniquely contributed to give our brand the prestige and quality for which it is renowned. Their standard for excellence, leveraged against our products' superb technological content enables Autoland Scientech to meet and exceed the stringent requirements of industry specialists and end-users. With a keen commitment to strategic foresight and excellence as our primary objective,
Autoland Scientech will continue to provide innovative diagnostic equipment of the highest quality.